It’s me, Tully

I’m Tully Corcoran, and I’m a journalist. I know this is true because I used to draw small bi-weekly paychecks from the Topeka Capital-Journal for writing about University of Kansas sports, and now draw bigger weekly paychecks from

It is occasionally an absurd and awkward existence. For example, one time when I walked into the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room, one of the defensive tackles said this to me:  “Hey, you know who you look like? Michael Jackson’s little buddy.”  He meant Corey Feldman. Also, he was naked when he said this.


I was born in 1983, which was an awesome year. The Nintendo ES went on sale in Japan that year. Microsoft Word was released.  Michael Jackson dropped “Thriller.” McDonald’s dropped the McNugget. Some English woman dropped Amy Winehouse. It was a magical time.

If I had to choose just two musical acts to represent my tastes (although I don’t know why I would have to do that), they would be Led Zeppelin and the Notorious B.I.G.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching “The Big Lebowski.”

I went to Central Christian High School in Hutchinson. Played everything I could there. Honorable mention All-Reno County in basketball (2001). Tried out for the juco baseball team at Hutch. Failed. Went to KU, then Washburn.

I’ve always liked work much better than school. This may be because I always worked during college, but I don’t understand people who think otherwise.


9 thoughts on “It’s me, Tully

  1. You will always be remembered, Tully, at Hutchinson Community College as one of the best-ever sports writers for the student newspaper, The Hutchinson Collegian. Fame, honors and glory at such a tender age. Fantastic! — Alan Montgomery, journalism instructor

  2. Mr. M!

    I’m glad you found the blog. And thanks for the kind words. Those two years at HCC made some of my fondest memories in journalism, and I’ve never forgotten a lesson you once taught me as we were going into a construction site to take some photos: Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. It’s a platitude that serves journalists well.

  3. I started cracking up when I read last two sentences of second paragraph. How do you even think to write these things?

  4. Tully Corcoran or Corey Feldman, the question remains in many peoples minds today. Very enjoyable reading all your articles (whether some biased, in some sort or another).

  5. Tully: would you consider a Big Lead story on the NBA’s first-ever playoffs in virtual reality? Intel, who built the platform/produces the VR feed, will be in Houston for the first two games of the Western Conference Finals. We can give access to the VR broadcast talent (in broadcast truck, in arena). zacksmithpr at gmail dot com –Zack

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