An argument with myself over Yeezus


Why is he yelling?

I mean, right? Why does it sound like he’s making this music with power tools? I am laughing, but I am laughing at this record. This album is totally preposterous.

Then again, preposterous is probably just what Kanye was going for, wasn’t it? All Kanye ever thinks about is Kanye, so he would have had the self-awareness to know we were all going to be snickering at this under our palms while trying to look like we’re taking it seriously. Right? He would know that. So we and Kayne are both laughing at the same thing: “Kanye.”


Then again, does Kanye seem like an ironical person to you? Has he ever given any indication that all of his narcissism had led to anything resembling self-awareness? Does he seem like the kind of guy that would laugh at a joke made at his expense? There is NO WAY he wanted people to find this funny. He thinks he’s The Beatles, and he thinks this is his Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

But, see, that’s just the thing. Sgt. Pepper’s was largely an album of The Beatles making fun of Beatlemania, or at the very least recognizing how preposterous Beatlemania was and reacting to it. So this is Kanye West recognizing how ridiculous his public persona is and poking fun at it. This is his Sgt. Pepper, at least in that, so far as his iconography is concerned, this is the Ultimate Kanye Album.

But come on. Sgt. Pepper’s? No way. It doesn’t deserve that comparison. For one thing, it’s not much fun. Sgt. Pepper’s was fun. If you were listening closely, The Beatles were letting you in on the joke. And at times it sounded like they were sort of just messing around, and that would be followed by something downright symphonic.

So let’s not allow him the honor of a comparison to The Beatles.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s true. This is not even Kanye’s best album, but it is the thing I’ll always remember him by. And that’s not a compliment.

I don’t think.


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