A Kansas kindergarten hero

You have probably heard by now the story of a little girl in Kansas who refused to do her kindergarten homework because that homework involved drawing a picture of the mascot of a team her parents don’t like. 

She has become a hero to many fans of the state’s other team, which her parents do like. She has become a big story. She is the dominant story in Kansas education right now. 

And you know what I say? Rightfully so. 

Like so many of you, I feel it is deeply troubling that in an educational setting a kid might be exposed to ideas not originating from within his or her own household. The key problem with discourse in this society is that there are not enough people who believe what they believe and only interact with others who share their specific beliefs and reaffirm their correctness.
Further, it should be re-enforced at every opportunity that sports team affiliation is the most important part of any human’s identity and that those who affiliate with sports teams you don’t like should be thought of as bad people who are (probably) prone to deviant sexual behaviors. 
And the sooner we can get kids thinking this way, the better. An open mind is one waiting to be ransacked by sexual deviants who wear the wrong colors. 

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