Letters to a beat writer

The e-mail:

Mr. Corcoran:
I realize you are the KU sports writer for the newspaper and that is where you allegiances lie, however, I believe that you write for a newspaper that has a great many K-State fans as subscribers.  It is difficult for me to understand why you would list the number of players in the NFL from Missouri, Nebraska and KU and eliminate K-State, especially since they are a Kansas school.  As the official Kansas newspaper, (at lease I think I have read that the newspaper holds that distinction) Kansas schools should come first.  K-State has 20 players currently in the NFL according to the newly released football media guide.  If a school from Kansas had to be eliminated from the article, maybe KU should have been the one eliminated since they have only 13 players in the pros.  Maybe you do not have a copy of the KSU media guide, maybe you did not want to take time to call Sports Information to get the information for your article, or maybe you chose not to include them on purpose in which case you used very poor judgment.

My reply:


I have no allegiances. I root for myself and my stories that’s it. I listed the number of NFL players from Missouri because the story was about Missouri. I compared Missouri’s number to Nebraska’s because last season Nebraska won the division in which Missouri plays, and I compared it to Kansas’ number because Kansas is Missouri’s rival.

Not everything is an anti-Kansas State conspiracy.

Tully Corcoran
Kansas beat writer
The Capital-Journal
(785) 295-5652

I should also note that there is no such thing as “the official Kansas newspaper.” That’s really more of a Communist thing.


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