Why not?

It strikes me that almost every time someone says “Why not?” as a justification for an action, there are several good and obvious reasons not to have done what they did.

“Why did you get that neck tattoo?

“I figured, ‘Why not’? you know?”

“How about because it eliminated you from approximately every non-service industry job you will ever apply for and that it was painful and that it cost you $85 ?”

Stuff like that. Rarely does anyone say “Why not?” and any reasonable person couldn’t immediately think of at least three simple and practical reasons why not. Nobody ever thinks, “You know what, there probably isn’t any good reason not to have airbrushed a topless woman riding a unicorn on the trunk of his Cutlass.”

I’m going to end this short post in a terribly trite, hackneyed, worn-out way and when you see it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It will be lame.

But, hey, why not?


One thought on “Why not?

  1. Did you know there was once a Tully, Kansas? Taken out by a Cyclone in 1914. My second son was named after the place. I’m looking at a picture of the aftermath taken by Ora E. Barratt (it hangs over my desk).

    Tully is a unique monicure, I’m sure you know. Your work is also unique – in a good way. Keep it up, Tully, you’ve got serious talent and a keen wit.

    A fan – That Ray Guy

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