Introducing One Sentence Movie Reviews!

Any time you see these three together, you know whats coming.

Any time you see these three together, you know what's coming.

Here’s the thing about movie reviews. If you haven’t read Roger Ebert’s review, you’d better, and if you have read Roger Ebert’s review, why would you read anybody else’s?

Competing with Ebert on movie review is like taking on Spencer Pratt in douchiness. You will be destroyed.

So I had an idea last night, the One Sentence Movie Review©.

Revolutionary Road

The American Dream kills babies.

No Country for Old Men

The world is messed up, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Little Miss Sunshine

Competition makes people sad.

Borat: Cultural Learning of America for make benefit Glorious Nation of Kazahkstan

Americans are morons.

Whatever Works

Christians are stupid, especially if they’re from the South.

I Am Legend

Uh, Will Smith looks good with his shirt off, or, mankind needs a savior.


Revenge is not necessarily sweet, but totally necessary.


Your sins will find you out.

Any Jud Apatow Movie

LOL boners LOL.

Remember the Titans

Racial harmony and trick plays are what state championships are made of.

Friday Night Lights

Part of life is learning to deal with failure.


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