Is this a big deal? re: Dempsey’s Pub

Kind of a big deal.

Kind of a big deal.

I need a ruling from the chorus on this event that occurred at approximately 8:20 p.m. CST at Dempsey’s Irish Pub, 623 Vermont St., Lawrence, Kansas.

Seated at the bar, my buddy Bill, making his maiden voyage to Dempsey’s, and I were snarfing a couple of Dempsey’s delictable gourmet burgers while watching the Cleveland Cavaliers consistently mess up defensive rotations. Orlando’s Rashard Lewis was always open, and when he wasn’t, Dwight Howard was dunking.

Bill and I found this all to be mildly disappointing, but incredibly annoying. The Magic had not exactly revolutionized the game with this “pass it into the post, wait for a double team and hit the open shooter” offense, yet the Cavaliers behaved as if each sequence of this was an indefensible new offensive move at which the competition committee would need to take a hard look in the offseason.

We, like everybody else including David Stern, wanted a LeBron-Kobe NBA Finals. The NBA is the only sport I can think of in which the general viewing populace pulls for the overdog. We want the Finals to be great, so we root for the teams we know are best to meet in the Finals. To me, this is totally logical. But when you suggest the NCAA Tournament would be better without so many upsets, people look at you like you’ve just told them you don’t like pizza.

During the second quarter, a woman of about 60 years, seated at the bar with what appeared to be her husband, was also downing one of Lawrence’s best burgers. She summoned the bartender. He then grabs the remote and starts flipping channels. Bill and I start getting nervous. There are only two TVs in this place, and we could only see the other one by craning our necks back about 100 degrees.

He lands on HGTV, looks at the woman for confirmation, and changes it from Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals to a home improvement show on HGTV.

“I hate Dempsey’s,” Bill said.

So I ask the chorus, Is this a big deal?


2 thoughts on “Is this a big deal? re: Dempsey’s Pub

  1. YES! This is, in fact, a very big deal. I believe standard protocal would be for the bartender, once a request is made to change the channel, to ask other patrons within view of the TV if they mind if the channel is changed. Turning off the Eastern Conf Finals for HGTV is blasphemy. This calls for a boycott of Dempsey’s until they publicly respond with new policies they plan to implement to avoid the very questionable decision making by their bartenders, otherwise known as “keeper’s of the remote.”

  2. i assumed that pubs, sports bars, etc could have access to an “all sports & other fun stuff to watch” service from their cable provider. the fact that the bartender even had access to something like hgtv is, in itself, kind of a big deal.

    i don’t think the bartender should carry all the blame. the pub’s owner should have chosen better cable service for the bar. it’s the owner’s fault.

    and that woman’s for having the audacity to watch in public something that’s barely tolerable in the privacy of her home. for shame.

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