11 rap songs from the last 11 years you (almost) forgot about, and their explanations

This is a little bit embarrassing, and I have no explanation for it, but I thought of Lil Zane today. Who knows?

I had almost forgotten about Lil Zane and his one hit, “Callin’ Me” from 1999, and remembering him made me remember a bunch of other songs from the last 10 or so years I had almost forgotten.

11. “Callin’ me”, Lil Zane

Lil Zane has a lot of money because he’s a rapper. That’s pretty much it.

Visual highlight: That the entire video is virtually indistinguishable from “Hypnotize” (1997) or “Big Pimpin'” (1999).

Musical highlight: “My homies call me on my mobile, wanna hang, we still close too.”

10. “Hey Ma”, Cam’ron

This song is about Cam’ron trying to get laid. The problem is, girls think he’s a bad guy because he’s a criminal. But no worries! He’s rich now, so it all works out in the end.

Visual highlight: The one-legged guy doing the C-walk.

Musical highlight: “I told her, I’m 18 and live a crazy life, plus I tell you what the 80s like.”

9. Rosa Parks, Outkast

From the title, you infer a song about the civil rights movement, or public transportation. Wrong. It’s really about how Outkast is awesome, or at least more awesome than whatever group you like.

Visual highlight: Andre 3000 inexplicably wearing zoombas and a catcher’s gear.

Musical highlight: The harmonica solo.

8. “Pass the Courvoisier ” Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy, Pharrell

Apparently things get really wild when you drink courvoisier, although this not explained. It is just accepted.

Visual highlight: Obviously Mr. T’s appearance or Busta Rhymes punching out a short asian man, and looking exactly like Lennox Lewis while doing it.

Musical highlight: Pharrell’s portion of the chorus.

7. “Lean Back” Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe

If you are a faker, you will dance. Otherwise you will just pull up your pants and lean back. Also, Nelly sucks.

Visual highlight: The unidentifiable girl rapper throwing money at the camera, like she wasn’t going to need that in, oh, 15 minutes when her fame was out.

Musical highlight: When Fat Joe says “Yeeuh” at the very beginning.

6. “Tipsy” J-Kwon (2004)

Everybody is getting tipsy.


Visual highlight: The cameo appearance from Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics, as if anybody is going to know who he is. I do, but that’s because I actually purchased a St. Lunatics album.

Musical highlight: “She say she got a kid but she got her tubes tied.”

5. “Midwest Swing”, St. Lunatics

Despite living in a major U.S. city, the St. Lunatics describe themselves as “country boys” and assume that most people believe St. Louis to be a colony of farms.

Missouri rocks!

Visual highlight: Nelly wearing his visor upside down and forward.

Musical highlight: “We country boys that ride V-12 horses. Saddle up and put spurs on my Air Forces.”

Fun fact: The St. Lunatics official site still exists, and upon opening it, still plays “Midwest Swing” whether you want it to or not.

4. “Area codes”,  Ludacris

Ludacris never has to dial long distance to contact a hoe.

Visual highlight: The hoes being loaded into the baggage compartment of the airplane. The metaphor (which might not even be intentional) is tremendous.

Musical highlight: Substituting “pros” for “hoes” on the radio edit. Also, Nate Dogg (obviously).

3. “Saturday”,  Ludacris

Saturdays are great if you have money and marijuana, but man, wouldn’t it be nice to have sex with a woman with a large butt?

Sticky, icky, icky

Visual highlight: Probably the only video to ever include chickens having sex.

Musical highlight: “It’s (censored) but the plants in my backyard grow, that’s my (dog barks), (censored, censored) til you pass out, that’s my love. Keep a couple (censored) then I hit the club. In the back door? (bark, bark) what?”

2. “Hot Girl”, Hot Boyz

It is not only your physical beauty that makes you attractive, but also your willingness to commit felonies on my behalf.

Visual highlight: Any moment when Manny Fresh is on camera.



Musical highlights:

  • “The police takin’ the dope, she take the charge. If a n*gga go to jail, she run for her n*gga.”
  • A young Lil Wayne completely stealing the show at the end of the song.

1. “Way of Life”, Lil Wayne

Because I have lots of money, I can do whatever I want.

Visual highlight: The jerseys.

  • 1996 Allen Iverson
  • 1995 Jerry Rice
  • Joe Namath
  • Loy Vaught (?), Clippers
  • Lance Alworth (1963)
  • 1994 Jim Everett (Saints)
  • John Elway
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabar
  • Shaquille O’neal
  • Warrick Dunn
  • Ronnie Lott (Raiders)
  • Seattle Mariners #9
  • Andre Rison (?)
  • Drew Bledsoe
  • Reggie Miller (?)
  • Pete Rose

Musical highlight: “All these naked women that pop champagne and these marble floors, stay high as Rick James.”


2 thoughts on “11 rap songs from the last 11 years you (almost) forgot about, and their explanations

  1. speaking of bad rap songs, check out this little ditty by Asher Roth (and maybe this isn’t rap, but I don’t know what the cool kids are calling this genre of music these days): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43pkqeamXe8

    This songs annoys me for reasons I can’t really explain. Maybe its that the whole song feels so contrived; i.e. that the guy wanted to pen a hit so bad that he resorted to cheesy lyrics and rhymes in the hope that college students would ironically jam to this song at parties.

  2. I think that song is written for high school kids who want to believe that’s what college is like. Maybe I’m too far removed from being 18 or 19, now, but I can’t imagine college kids not being kind of ashamed of liking a song like that.

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